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Our company

Akshaya Pure Chemicals is an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company, developing chemistry that addresses next generation mobility and improves resource efficiency

Product feature

Some of the special features are Pure, Accurate composition, Industry relevant pH value etc are Stable under different condition

A variety of ranges

Our range of chemicals, minerals and herbal extracts finds application for various products in different industries; Drugs, Beverages, Animal feed, Plastic material, Food, Oils.

Quality Assurance

Quality of our range of chemicals is of utmost concern to us. We direct our entire endeavor towards ensuring quality of chemicals.

Our Specialties

  • Agrochemical
  • Api Intermediate
  • Dye Intermediates
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Laboratory Chemicals
  • Organic Chemicals
  • Pharma Intermediate
  • Solvent Chemicals
  • Speciality Chemicals
  • Synthesis intermediates
  • Aripiprazole
  • Cetirizine Intermediates
  • Clopidogrel intermediate
  • Iodide Derivatives
  • Modafinil Intermediates
  • Ondansetron intermediates
  • Phase Transfer Catalysts
  • Tapentadol Intermediates
  • Tenofovir intermediate
  • Zidovudine

  Ensuring 99% prompt services on bulk orders

About us​

  • We have hard-core industry professionals from the Chemicals industries who can deliver the highest standards of quality requirements of chemicals. We are the Largest Producer in Mumbai . we have used our progressive experience in developing tailor made products for many Industries


  • Akshaya Pure Chemicals,
    Ground Floor, Office No. 14, Gopal Baug, No. 8 Tj Road, Parel, Parel, Mumbai-400015, Maharashtra, India
  • +91 9820120160

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